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Take the first step to understanding what’s going on for you or your loved one, with tailored psychology services from Dot Connect QLD.

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Take the first step to understanding what’s going on for you or your loved one, with tailored psychology services from Dot Connect QLD.


Very few individuals, parents or caregivers know when it is the right time to seek professional psychological services and support. It’s one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever have to face.

Whether you’ve had concerns about your child’s health or behaviour for a while now or you want to act before it’s too late, I’m here to help guide and support you. 

As a psychologist, I make it my business not to rush and recommend a course of action straight off the bat. After all, your child deserves a considered and well-researched approach. So as much as we’d like to be able to flick a switch and make their struggles go away, you’ll find that I take my time to get to know your child and their personal situation and goals. That’s how I’m able to develop the right plan to give your child the best possible support.

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Therapy and Counselling

Therapy and counselling provide a safe space for children, teens or young adults to talk about their struggles. Working one-on-one with a psychologist like me means you or your child get the extra attention needed to diagnose and overcome struggles. But it can be a daunting experience for children and their parents or caregivers. That’s why my therapy and counselling sessions are interactive and creative. By personalising the session, I’m able to ensure that all treatment plans meet individual needs and goals.


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Tailored Programs

As an experienced psychologist, I take my time to get to know you, or your child, their personality and their interests so I can establish a meaningful relationship that fosters openness. You see, when a child knows they can trust their therapist, they’re much more willing to engage. And it’s this engagement that helps me develop the right treatment program. Together, we’ll develop strategies and establish a plan that helps your child improve their overall wellbeing and achieve their potential. 

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Parent Support

Being a parent brings so much joy and happiness, but it isn’t always easy. For many (dare I say, most) parents and caregivers, it’s overwhelming at one time or another. This is especially true when you’re faced with a child with emotions and behaviours you’ve never experienced before. The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. As your child’s psychologist, I’ll support you and help you make better decisions for your child across all aspects of their life. This support and training are judgement-free. I’ll help you feel confident to provide the support, the encouragement and the environment your child needs to be healthy and thrive. 

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Psychological assessments are one of the starting points for connecting the dots. I work with children, teens and young adults to gain a thorough understanding of their struggles. Dot Connect QLD offers formal testing for a range of presentations, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and learning disorders. I’m great at helping all my clients feel relaxed so it doesn’t feel scary or like a test situation. There’s no pass or fail; it’s simply a way for me to evaluate and find the answers we need to develop strategies that help you or your child create the happiest life.


Psychological support from Dot Connect QLD helps you feel clearer, supported and in control of finding the right help for you or your loved one.

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Professional Supervision

If you’re a registered or provisionally registered psychologist looking for a respectful, collaborative and supportive relationship to refine your child or teen psychology practice, look no further. As a practicing psychologist in this field, I love supporting other psychologists to discover the benefits of continuous improvement. I’ll help you broaden your knowledge, stay up-to-date on the latest psychological research and refine your assessment and therapeutic and counselling skills so you’re providing the best service to your clients.

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As a psychologist who helps children and teens, I work with schools and other services to assist them to understand different behaviours as well as support them to develop and implement programs that are aligned with the learning and behavioural needs of an individual child or a group of students. Consultancy support from Dot Connect QLD is always collaborative. Together, we’ll identify problems, develop goals, discuss suitable interventions and create a plan that encourages and supports students to manage or overcome their struggles and be more successful.

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How do I know whether my child needs to see a psychologist?

The truth is, knowing when to get help from a psychologist isn’t always easy. All kids have ups and downs, and it’s hard to know when they might be struggling with something more serious. Here are some signs that may help you make this decision:

Starts showing learning or behaviour difficulties at day care or school

  • Has significant changes in sleep or appetite
  • Talks about or engages in self-harm
  • Experiences a loss or trauma
  • Experiences a separation or divorce
  • Withdraws from family and friends
  • Your ‘gut instinct’ is telling you that something isn’t right

Please remember that if your child needs help, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent or you’re doing something wrong. There are many reasons why your child may need extra support to overcome their struggles.

To chat more about how I can help, please call 0451 166 917 

How do I know that you’re the right child psychologist for my family?

If you’re looking for an experienced, down-to-earth psychologist who thinks outside the box when it comes to connecting with you or your loved one and providing tailored therapy, it’s likely we’ll be a good fit.

My goal is 100% to help my clients feel comfortable so they enjoy coming to see me and we’re able to work together on whatever obstacle is being faced.

But I’ll be honest. There are occasions when a child may not connect with my style of therapy or feel comfortable opening up with me. This is natural, but it means that therapeutic work may not be possible. In these situations, I will help you find and transition to a more suitable child or teen psychologist. In some cases, I’ll also refer to other types of therapist, like Occupational or Speech Therapists. 

To find out more about my approach, please visit my About page.

What happens during therapy?

My approach to psychology is creative and is tailored to the needs of the child or teen I’m working with. There’s definitely no one-size-fits-all approach.

If you or your child loves arts and crafts, plays sports or prefers to meet in the park, I’ll work with you to accommodate those preferences to help them feel comfortable. And if just a comfy, quiet room with a cuppa or Milo is their preference, I’ve got that covered too. 

Sessions are generally 50 minutes long, and if your child is coming to see me, I’ll catch up with you first, as their parent or caregiver, to see how things have been going. From there, sessions are mostly one-on-one, but we’ll regroup at the end to share the strategies we learnt or what we’ll be working on. Involving parents in my psychology services is so important for progress. It gives you the confidence to know how to help when you’re at home, and you’ll feel more at ease when you’re involved in the process and not kept in the dark.

What should I tell my child about coming to see a psychologist?

I recommend being honest and keeping it simple. You could tell them that they’re going to see a psychologist that helps kids deal with different kinds of issues.

Let them know that they’ll spend some time doing fun activities with the psychologist while also talking about what makes them happy, what might worry them or what makes them feel sad. Reassure them that many kids see psychologists because their job is to understand and help children—and parents too.

How much does it cost to see a psychologist?

The fees vary depending on the consultation and service that your child needs. We recognise that everyone has a right to access therapy, and although we’re not a bulk-billing clinic, a small number of clients can be bulk-billed at the discretion of the clinic.

All psychologist fees are in line with recommendations from the Australian Psychological Society and other organisations, such as the NDIS price guide.

To find out more, please visit my Fees page.